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This is my nUrdy page. ya know - for nerds. and such. carry on and so forth, have at it, and cheerios m8.  |  search google
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Your Hourly Forecast:

TitanTV: Local over-the-air, cable and satellite channel lineups/schedule.

watch Pluto TV for free Pluto TV Web Stream

listen to/view all the Wichita stations available via

wichita traffic live feed: Here (via KanDrive) |  view traffic stuff on kansas roads: (kanDrive)

twitter homepage/explore   |  compose new tweet

hit radio:

*listen live to 103.7 KEYN Wichita's "(The) Greatest Hits" - classic hits. the best of the 70's and 80's fm radio 103.7 KEYN Radio*

listen live to Wichita, KS' BOB FM 97.1 "Bob plays everything." adult hits. --CURRENTLY DEFUNCT?! since that doesnt work anymore RIP bob maybe - try this one in Austin:

listen live to Wichita Falls, TX's 100.9 KWFB [BOBFM] ( online (I found this accidently and enjoy this variety) Popup Player or Static Page

Quick links

remember dr. demento?

paramount: bar rescue

Github: Open source code projects

New tab Override Firefox Extension - replace firefox's new tab with whatever you want Extension

instructions on how to replace chromium's new tab page

get all the comments from a youtube video

press CTRL+D or click the star next to your address bar to bookmark this page!

browser hotkey shortcut: ctrl+shift+t opens previously closed tab

new blank tab

open source web search app: YaCy

bam margera's friend raab himself's podcast (last ep is from Nov 20, 2019): bathroom break: audio archive   |   - Video archive + Raab's videos/youtube

real books i have read:

drew carey - dirty jokes and beer

kurt angle - its true! its true!

norm macdonald - true stories i made up

artie lange - wanna bet?

real books i'm currently reading:

jackie martling - bow to stern

greg giraldo - a comedian's story

audiobooks i've listened to:

artie lange - too fat to fish

artie lange - crash and burn

[^with the exception of the kurt angle book all are comedy novels/books.^]

comedy / cd's / comics to listen to:

rocky laporte - who knew? (classic comedy cd)

sean cullen - live! (classic comedy cd)

rick shapiro - (not so well known guy)

artie lange - comedic actor, comic, and howard stern former side kick - madtv, 'beer league,' & 'dirty work' star twitter | oldsckool personal youtube

mike david redbar radio | youtube: here (redbar's youtube)

fizzypops3434's youtube: "stone cold ET" drive thru prank guy


parody page

my current music host

classic/retro video game music archive: zophar's domain (Music by the letter on the left column.)

chiptunes ('demo music') |

xmplay (to play demo music [chip music])

visit the forum post to see how to play more rare extensions found there:
guide: how to get psx, chiptune, and vg music files to play (foobar, xmplayer guide)

linux hax:

turn system beep off: xset b off

see bash terminal history: history

change to a folder directory that usually has ( ) blank spaces in its name: cd /media/admin/My \SpaceyFolderLocation/The \Simpsons

convert html to text: html2text example.html | less

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