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TV School - a division of NURDY(TM) & ColinNet.Com(R)

T.V. & Movies Funny, teen-adultish (a.k.a TV-14), often short-lived, often puppets, animation, & clay; retro 90's/00's shows:

honorable mention:
the man show (CC)
*3 south (MTV)

*animated, CC = Comedy Central
Note these are just the shows I personally remember & enjoyed as a youngster & today - to view ALL the MTV animated shows,
visit this Beavis & Butthead Wiki Page and at the bottom of the page and expand the table called MTV Animation.
You could similiarly do the same with a CC Show.

classic pranks:
Jackass/CKY (MTV/Bam Margera)
crank yankers (Comedy central) (3 seasons) - Quick review: Crank Yankers Season 2 is the best out of the 3.
touch tone terrorists (3 CD's/"albums")
** Other Pranks**:
Check out's Prank Bank - funny jack nicholson soundboard and pranks + prank archive
cky volume 2 (disc 2) - bam margera's friend brandon dicamillo does classic telephone pranks
"Simpsons (FOX) School"
Simpsons Season 1 (1989) - this is the most retro Simpsons season, yes also because its the oldest, but also for a lot of other reasons - fans of old-skool check it out!
Up to season 10 is watchable but it gets sketchy. -C

OtHeR Retro:
Batman (TV 1968) note: Adam West series - funny & just classic tv
The Honeymooners (1 season)
Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein (movie) - still funny to this day; classic duo
the marx brothers
the 3 stooges

**Funny movies you might never heard of:**
New! Cattle Bag (a comedy movie by Brandon Dicamillo (w/ Rake & Lenden) of CKY/Jackass/RadioBam/Viva La Bam/Minghags)
In Transit (2008): touch-tone terrorists movie
Fudgey Wudgy Fudge Face (2010): comedian harland williams' movie
*Rocko's modern life (2018) netflix short movie
Sweeney Killing Sweeney (2018) - the legendary boston comic steve sweeney's hilarious movie
Batman (1968) - the 1968 batman movie [not exactly a comedy but good light hearted romps]

currently airing Tv shows i've been obsessed with (6/12/2021):
TRVL (travel channel's) Ghost Adventures / Ghost Adventures Documentary (movie) (2004)
truTv: impractical jokers / impractical jokers movie, carbonaro effect
Back on the air (6.7.2021) --> Paramount (Mtv): Bar Rescue (formerly on Spike)

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*** honorable mention pranks [pranks were really big in the late 90s early 00's]:
the jamie kennedy experiment (tv show), punk'd (tv show), jack n rod show (radio pranks) (also/a.k.a. howard
stern pranks), sal governale prank call cd, comedian jim florentine's prank series cd "terrorizing telemarketers"

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Extreme ultimate nerd:
linux tips n tricks

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