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Video Games Fun, short, and/or challenging retro classic best games.

"the video game retro garden"

  • Splatterhouse (nes) (japan)
    fun game, short, relatively easy; can beat w/o having to know Japanese.

  • Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES) (Japan) (a.k.a "The Lost Levels")
  • very difficult to beat this one all the way through on NES. It's the same 'lost levels' as the SNES All-Stars game, yet retains the original NES physics. Can be very tough, but fun classic, must play challenge for fans - Running out of lives also puts you back at the first level of the world instead of at the current level (as in in the All-Stars version).

  • Final Fantasy iv (SNES) (Japan/English translation)
  • this game is really epic, classic, fun, and the original japanese version holds a much desireble difficulty increase over the american version. find a translation and play 'til your heart's content.

  • Final Fantasy vi (Eviltype) (SNES)
  • this is a fan make hack and i know what you're thinking, "fan created? Pft.." But its ok, in fact this difficulty increase makes the game better than ok and in fact on par with the final fantasy 4 (japan) game,! which means... lots of fun for real adults. and crazy kids.

  • Super mario bros special (pc)
  • this game is a step above the orginal smb difficulty, and a step below lost levels. its fun and old (1988), and seems to retain the original smb physics. created by Hudson and originally for PC.

    +super mario bros 3 (nes) (japan)
    this game is like the original smb3 except taking 1 hit being mario with a powerup takes you down to small instead of big. in other words, it's (much) harder. I think the physics are a bit different than the american too.

  • super mario bros continued (nes)

  • This is a fun fan-made hack of the original smb (nes).

    ****Download the high quality original Doom soundtracks the way they were originally made: with the Roland SC-55 keyboard HERE.
    Or check out a lower quality live-stream/downloadable youtube rip of the same music (doom1+2) combined here.****

    +doom I - episode one 'thy flesh consumed' (pc)
    this is an awesome classic game that 'started it all'.
    must play yada yada yada. These levels are what's known as the Super Nintendo "Doom" also.

    +doom II
    Much like doom I with a little more everything i guess. must play at least once.

    +doom: sigil
    this is original 'doom' developer john romero's 8 new levels of classic doom gameplay with a soundtrack by 'buckethead'. i only got lost once or twice which is good? fun stuff!

    +Doom: e1m8b
    romero's take on e1m8 (the last level of doom 1) level, very ..awesome, fun, etc. =D.

    even nerdier stuff:

    +lost levels (smb2j) cheats:

    lost levels (smb2j) game genie codes:

    lost levels (smb2j) cheats & gg codes combined text: Click here


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