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"Lets go back in the way back machine ! ! The time was 2005-2006 in Wichita, Kansas, Colin & co'. were still in high school, ah memories.....:"

"Megaforse" = Richie's comedic/video ideas
"Friendly Foe" = Richie's rap name w/ made 2 cds
"Nurse" = instrumental rock band/project I was in
richie's first album: friendly foe - the appetizer
Track Listing coming soon
lyrics/songs & production/beats: richie
richie's 2nd cd: friendly foe - chapter 2
note: foe = friendly foe
01. Swizzler (writer: foe prod: g-lu)
02. Muffin Man (writer: foe prod: g-lu)
03. Ocean Safety (writer: foe, g-lu, ck, prod: g-lu)
04. Crunchatized (feat. dopey & diego) (writer: foe, dopey, diego. prod: g-lu)
05. Crack Track (writer: *cjk prod: g-lu)
06. Cell Call (skit) (writer: foe prod: foe/ck)
07. Akon Song (writer: foe prod: ???)
08. VG Chronic (writer: foe prod: g-lu)
09. Flapjack (writer: foe prod: g-lu)
10. Hoe Trouble (skit) (writer: foe prod: foe/colin)
11. Big DS (writer: foe prod: g-lu)
12. R&B Song (writer: foe prod: g-lu)
13. Geo Low (writer: foe prod: g-lu)
14. Led Hendrix* (writer: foe, g-lu prod: g-lu)
15. Last Track (writer: g-lu prod: g-lu)

*cjk,ck, & colin are all myself.
lyrics: richie "friendly foe" petty , dopey, g-lu, colin
engineering by colin, edited by colin & richie
production/beats: g-lu

*samples led zeppelin and jimi hendrix
Nurse sock demo (2005)
*1. Booster
2. Soda Pop
3. Film strips
4. Firaga
5. Mouch
6. Logueleaf
writing : colin, alec, richie
*Track 1 written by richie, w/ guitar & m. patton sample by colin)
engineering: colin, alec, richie
production: colin
Other nurse songs were known to play live/practice: "modulator, foresting, tuub", various rock n roll covers (instrumentally) | nurse fan art:
More StUpId facts:

1. "[The] Friendly Foes" was originally an idea/name for the band name,
2. Richie was an extra in the movie, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)," while vacationing in Hawaii, he's in the wedding scene - he began to rap with a more "serious" gimmick under the name "RazorMouth" some time after the release of "Chapter 2", and moved away from Wichita to some where else in Kansas. Current whereabouts are unknown.*
3. Alec J is on twitter.
4. G-lu can be found at (but hasn't been updated since 2014 though).

*2020 update: ?, also, I dont have a fb!
Thanks for reading!
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